To the outside you look like you have everything, but there is a question that keeps popping into your head

"Is this it?"

I’m an expert life coach. I provide an empathetic ear for you to open up to and I'll help  find out what it is that really makes you tick. I love all things that make you feel inspired and fabulous, that includes finding your own style! Step into the life that you really want to be living.

I’m Lesley Samuels.


A Mum of 2 wonderful daughters (and a fur baby), a middle sister and a business woman.  I love learning new skills, some of them stick and some don't. I believe that we are all here for a purpose and I thrive on  helping people find theirs.

"A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living"

Virginia Woolf

Sometimes all you need is a Wee Nudge in the right direction


Lesley provides a space which feels safe and totally judgement-free. I've never felt more comfortable to share with anybody. I think that's testament to her kindness and natural ability to help others.

I'm so grateful to have worked with her.

Natasha A

I first visited Lesley during a very low point in my life, 13 years in sales had sapped my confidence and left me feeling unappreciated and pretty useless. Lesley's understanding and gentle manner allowed me to think about what I really wanted from life by encouraging me to investigate all the options. She also encouraged me to refocus on my photography and creative side which was extremely therapeutic and helped me to regain my confidence. After a very short period back in yet another sales job that I hated I walked out and finally bit the bullet and set up my own small business selling my art work online and at Craft fairs. I can't believe how well it has gone and how much happier I am doing something I love. I quite simply don't know if I would have ever felt brave enough to take the leap without the work I did with Lesley.

Diane F

The Crooked Forrest

I have told you more in one chat than I did anyone else in over 2 years, you have a gift of creating a very safe, non-judgemental, comfortable & trusting environment. I'll never forget your words, it all meant so much.

Lisa L

Stop Coasting, Start Living.

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